June 2018 - Dreams Delivered partnership with Women’s Club of Evanston

We do this because we don’t want any girl who desires to go to the prom to be without,” said co-coordinator Clarice Davidson. “So, we’re very interested in making sure we advance their dreams and that they end high school with all the confidence and excitement that should go into finishing one phase before starting the next.

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july 2018 - 2018 Scholarship pROGRAM

"We've been providing scholarships to the Evanston community for nearly 70 years and we know how important it is to financially support students going to college," said Deb Hill, president of the Evanston chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. "What's unique is that it's a sustainable scholarship where students can apply each year they're in school as long as they maintain good grades."

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The ladies of Ivy Pearl Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, hosted a special evening at the Evanston Art Center entitled “Casino Royale.” During the evening, guests played their hand at Vegas style casino games, bid on silent auction items, enjoyed delicious food and drinks, and danced the night away to a live DJ. Funds raised during the evening will benefit the Ivy Pearl Foundation Scholarship Fund, helping support the next generation of leaders. .

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Evanston Township High School hosted the 22nd annual African-American Youth Achievement (AAYA) Awards to honor 38 African-American students from Evanston/Skokie public schools. These students were recognized on February 7, 2019, for their daily actions that pay homage to the visions and legacy of African-American pioneers.

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May 2017

"This is a place where young women can come in and feel special," said Michele McClure Lacy, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. and an organizing partner of Dreams Delivered. "I've seen girls come into this boutique, get outfitted, and walk out feeling empowered and beautiful."

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